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Programme Details

Bookworm Campus ambassador is a community of creative, influential and digitally skilled students that represent Bookworm Educational at their various higher institutions.
It is designed to provide leadership, Networking and Career experience for students in Nigeria higher institutions.
The programme is focused on building skills that can help students transition quickly into their dream career or business upon graduation.




Good conduct is
key here!

Expected Conduct:

  • Bookworm Campus Ambassadors are student representatives of Bookworm Educational. They enjoy unique leadership opportunities and special advantages for personal enrichment and professional development.
  • Bookworm Campus Ambassadors are expected to conduct themselves as campus leaders, exhibiting the behavior expected of a campus representative.
  • Bookworm Campus Ambassadors should exhibit a service-oriented attitude, a desire to meet and network with students from other parts of Nigerian and even from foreign countries, and a willingness to assist current and prospective students interested in Bookworm Educational service offering.
  • Personal grooming, attitude, habits, and speaking ability should be of the highest caliber.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is for 2nd year students of all disciplines.
We consider students of all higher institutions and that includes polytechnics, colleges and universities that offer A level courses.
You will be required to inform your referee to provide recommendations for you. Upon review of your application and the recommendation, shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email and you will be onboarded.
You will be taught simple services that you can provide from the comfort of your school and make money. You will also earn commission for clients you work with.
The programme duration is for 6 months. You will be eligible to renew your membership every 6 months until you graduate if you are very active.

How to Apply:

Click the apply now button below and you will be directed to a google which you fill and submit.